Andrew’s Five Inch Terrestrial Globe. Manufactured by A.H. Andrews & Co. Chicago, Ill.


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Terrestrial globe with a diameter of 13,2 cm., hinged and opens to show a flat set of maps. The exterior of the globe consisting of 12 paper gores and 4 half polar caps, the interior of the globe consisting of 2 circular maps. Contemporary hand-coloured, the countries in different colours and the seas in a yellow/brown shade. The exterior is varnished and therefore darker than the interior. The hinged globe was first produced for the use of schools and was intended to instruct children on the relationship between the earth as pictured on a globe and flat hemispheric maps. (The exterior has some dents -repaired- cracks and an open crack near Japan, the flat maps lack some small pieces at the edges, mostly around the hinge.)


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